Improving The Local Music Scene

Both on our Blog and in the Recording Studio, we endeavor to foster a supportive atmosphere where artistic people can thrive without fear of rejection by those who don’t understand the creative process.  We also look for ways to help artists further their careers in other ways as well.  We believe, as the old saying goes, “When the water comes into the harbor, all the ships rise.”  In other words, what’s good for one is good for all.
Wouldn’t it be great if that attitude prevailed on the local music scene as well?
One would think that since we don’t always have a supportive community among those who are not artists, that we would surely have a supportive and encouraging community among ourselves.  This isn’t always the case.
Unfortunately, some try to make themselves bigger by tearing others down.  Rather than advance their own careers and increase their own skills.  It’s easier for them to undermine and discourage “the competition.”  While it’s no excuse, it’s easy to see why some are like this. They’ve become like their environment.  This is why it is so crucial that we be vigilant to guard our gifts so we don’t become like the negative influences around us.
A comment we hear all too often is, “The local music scene is so cut-throat and everyone is just looking out for themselves”.  This is usually followed by statements like, “If we would all just help each other, the local scene would be so much better.” 
Others seem to have a different take all together.  They see people helping each other by sharing gigs and letting each other know about available opportunities.
Both scenarios seem to be accurate depending on the individuals involved. That would certainly be consistent with human nature.
But why is this so?  Could it be that some people have an abundance mentality while others have a scarcity mentality?  Is it a matter of some having a healthy self-esteem while others are more insecure?  Is it the “glass half empty, glass half full” thing?  Or is it something else all together?
Wouldn’t it be great if our local music scene became one the world takes notice of?  It can be.  But it takes a concerted effort on the part of all creative people to make it that way.  We must work together to make it so.  Even if we don’t particularly like another person’s art, their success can be instrumental to our own success.  If what they’re doing brings notice to our local scene then it helps us all.
So what’s been your experience?  And how can we make things better?


~ by audibleimages on November 9, 2012.

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