A Supportive Community

nounoften attributive\kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē\
 – a body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society; joint ownership or participation
A supportive community is a group of people who will help you through challenging times and celebrate with you in great times. It’s a group of people who have a commitment to you and who are there when you need them.  It’s also a group of people you are committed to when they need you.
Among creative people, there isn’t always a readily available supportive community.  We want to change that here.  This isn’t to say that you’ll hear everything you want here.  You may hear things from your community that don’t make you feel great.  But sometimes we need someone to shake us up to wake us up for only the truth will set us free.  That’s how we know someone really does want what’s best for us.
Your peer group will have a major effect on your forward progress.  The people you choose to listen to can propel you forward or pull you backward.  For some people, their nuclear and extended families serve as their support communities. If you have a family like this, you are truly fortunate.  Not everyone is so blessed. In fact, often well-meaning friends and family members don’t want to lose you when you succeed so they will subconsciously try to erode your confidence in your dream.  The key is to guard your dream at all times.  You must choose who you listen to. Love your family but choose your peers.
When we need support it’s easy to look for “what’s in it for me” but often that’s the wrong approach.  A lot of the times, we getwhat we need by giving what we need.
Help us build our community by sharing this blog site with your friends who will also benefit from the support they’ll get here.


~ by audibleimages on October 30, 2012.

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