Doing The “Impossible”

We were told we’d never make it.  We were told Pittsburgh couldn’t support a world-class recording studio.  Well . . . they were WRONG!!  Sure, it’s been extremely challenging at times but it’s also been an incredible ride.  No great story is complete without the tension and release of drama.
Maybe you’ve been told to give up on your dream.  Maybe you’ve been told that the odds are stacked against you.  They were stacked against us too. But we persevered and we overcame.  You can too!!  We are kindred spirits at Audible Images.  We understand the need for, and offer, a supportive environment where you’re respected and encouraged to do the “impossible.”  Remember, it’s only impossible if you give up.  We did it and you can too!  Sure, it may be difficult, but anything of value comes at a price.  Remember, that the “impossible” is the material from which Greatness is made.
We invite you to comment, ask questions and make suggestions on this blog.  We want, most of all, to make this a community where you, the artist, can come to find inspiration in a world that doesn’t often support artists.
Let’s do the “Impossible” together!


~ by audibleimages on October 26, 2012.

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